Our vision

At ETNA Coffee Technologies, we are committed to providing quality coffee machines and making a positive impact on the world around us. Triple R - reduce, repair, reuse - is at the heart of our business. This means pursuing innovative technologies as well as actively contributing to CO2 reduction and promoting circularity.

Our ETNA sustainability report includes an overview of our sustainability efforts based on the environment, origin, social engagement and circularity.

View ETNA's Sustainability report here

CO2 reduction policy

One of the main focus points of ETNA's sustainability policy is to reduce our CO2 footprint as much as possible. Measuring our CO2 footprint every two years provides insight into ETNA's climate impact and helps determine potential reduction targets and compensation measures. A central role in this is played by our Sustainability Manager Bennie Zeegers, who is an ambassador within ETNA and directs and implements our CO2 reduction policy.

Opening up the conversation about all things involved in a sustainable approach means collaborating with colleagues, customers, suppliers and everyone involved in ETNA. Can we help you with your sustainability journey or do you have ideas for ETNA to become even more sustainable? Contact our Sustainability Manager Bennie Zeegers on +31 (0)314 - 442 442 or send an email to info@etna-ct.com.

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We assemble in a
100% CO2-neutral way

ETNA is associated with the Dutch 'Buur maakt Natuur' foundation. The Buur maakt Natuur foundation is committed to buying up farmland and returning it to nature. Our company’s CO2 emissions, which remain after the CO2 reduction measures we have taken, are compensated for by our partnership with Buur maakt Natuur.

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ETNA follows the EVA (European Vending Association) energy protocol and aims to be awarded the highest attainable energy label. We do this by adding an adjustable Energy Saving Mode to all ETNA coffee machines which ensures great energy savings over their lifetime. In addition, our open boilers, which are used in instant and fresh brew coffee machines, are well insulated. This greatly reduces heat loss.

Would you like to know more about the energy consumption or recyclability of our coffee machines? Our ETNA dealers are happy to answer all your questions.

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ETNA is a development and assembly company and therefore purchases many components and parts. 75% of the parts are assembled or produced in Europe. To determine the country of origin of a part, an origin declaration is requested from each supplier.

Code of conduct suppliers

Together with our suppliers, we have agreed on a code of conduct which outlines what we expect from our employees, suppliers and partners, and how we deal with our employees, suppliers, customers and business partners in a responsible and sustainable way.

The main focus points are:

  • Respecting each other
  • No child labour anywhere in the chain
  • No discrimination
  • Fair trading
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Socially engaged business


Part of ETNA's sustainability strategy is to show how to conduct socially engaged business. In doing so, we pay attention to our employees and our immediate surroundings. Our employees can be sure of a safe and healthy working environment, both physically and socially. We also support a variety of local social initiatives.


ETNA is closely involved in a variety of local social initiatives:

Lokale initiatieven
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Circularity: Triple R strategy

Triple R - reduce, repair, reuse - is the foundation on which our products are developed.

ETNA machines are constructed from high- quality materials. During the design process, we think carefully about the amount of material we use and employ recycled raw materials as much as possible.

The service life of our machinesis at least 8 years.If necessary, our machines are easy to repair. Parts will be available for at least ten years after your purchase.
Our dealers are trained to maintain brewers so they last longer or can be reused.