Options and accessories

Our coffee machines can be equipped with options and accessories. In the overview below you will get an impression of the various options. Would you like more information or do you have a special request? Please contact us to see what we can do for you.

ETNA RemoteSelect

A smart module that can be installed in our coffee machines. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without touching the coffee machine. Our RemoteSelect module makes this possible.

The ETNA RemoteSelect is an innovative module that can be easily installed in any Dorado machine*. The user can then enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without touching the coffee machine.

*Suitable for our coffee machines with the 3.02 Software.

ETNA RemoteSelect

Cup warmer

Cups at the right temperature, highly recommended. The cups are preheated with our cup warmer. This keeps the coffee at the right temperature for longer and thus the taste.

Our cup warmers are made of stainless steel and come in Compact and Medium versions. For example, the Compact has the same height as the Dorado Compact, and the Medium cup warmer the same height as the Dorado Medium coffee machine. This creates one set. The cup warmers are available in a black and white version. The Medium offers capacity for many cups, whereby the two compartments can be switched on / off separately.

Base cabinets

In our range we have various base cabinets suitable for our Dorado and Mundo coffee machines, in the versions medium and large. Our base units are designed in such a way that they form a sleek design with our coffee machines.

The base cabinet offers space for ingredients, sugar, milk and stirrers. Our full spec base cabinet offers also space for coffee cups.

We also offer the option of installing a water cooler in the base cabinet.

High volume solution

in our product range we offer waste guide sets and consoles. Ideal when you are dealing with large volumes, where there is also a lot of coffee residu and waste water. The consoles can be used to increase the dispensing height of the coffee machine. The consoles for the Small machines are available with a 4.5 liter water tank for stand-alone use.


Our machines are only designed and developed in our own design department. The result is a look that befits real coffee. Drinking coffee is a sensation of flavour and scent, but also a visual sensation. This means that it is not just your cup of coffee that should look appealing, the coffee machine should fit the part, too. But, if you want to make your coffee the way you like it, then why shouldn’t you style your coffee machine the way you like it too? It’s possible! Apart from our basic product line, there is the option of a machine with its own look/identity. There are various branding options available, including your corporate colours, your logo or your photo in the frame. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities.