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Perfect, fresh milk foam

Perfect, fresh milk foam for the perfect latte macchiato or cappuccino. Meet our ETNA MilkBase series; a smart machine that creates delightful, fullbodied milk foam in the blink of an eye. Whether you choose our MilkBase Connected combined with the Dorado Espresso Compact or Medium or our Alpina Stand alone variety, you will always have the perfect barista experience, with a wealth of ease, easy and optimal cleaning properties and consistent quality.

ETNA MilkBase Connected

The ETNA MilkBase Connected is a smart machine that creates delightful, full-bodied milk foam in the blink of an eye. The ETNA MilkBase Connected is to be used with our Dorado Espresso Medium or Dorado Espresso Compact, resulting in the ideal combination for a Barista experience with ease, speed, and consistent quality in a single machine.

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ETNA Alpina Standalone detail

Stand alone version

Our MilkBase Alpina stand alone is the perfect machine to support baristas in their daily work. Convenience, speed and always a consistent quality of the milk and milk foam in one machine. The MilkBase Alpina stand alone saves time, gives perfect milk foam and is also suitable for making latte art. The ideal milk machine in combination with a piston machine; extremely suitable for the hospitality industry.

The MilkBase Connected and the MilkBase Alpina stand alone are equipped with a fully-automatic, patented cleaning and rinsing system, which makes cleaning the system very easy and guarantees a clean system at all times. In order to completely clean the device, all you have to do is place a cleaning tablet in the corresponding container and push the button. The cleaning process is completely automated. The MilkBase Connected and the MilkBase Alpina stand alone feature various automatic rinsing and cleaning programmes.

Stable quality and perfect flavour

Each latte macchiato or cappuccino you prepare should have the same quality. It is essential that the fresh milk has the correct
temperature during the preparation of the milk foam. Our MilkBase Connected and MilkBase Alpina stand alone share the unique
benefit that the temperature of the milk that is used does not affect the final quality of the milk foam. This temperature-regulating system, designed by ETNA, offers you complete control over the temperature of the milk foam. As opposed to steam heating, our technology allows you to heat the milk to the desired final temperature in a controlled manner.

Suitable for any type of milk
The MilkBase Connected and the MilkBase Alpina stand alone are suitable for any type of milk, whether whole milk, soy milk, goat milk or oat milk*. The machine can turn any type of protein-rich milk into a beautiful, full-bodied, tongue-gracing cloud of foam. With the same foam quality, again and again.The MilkBase Connected features a cooling system suitable for the included 4-litre container. You can also directly use a carton or pouch of milk.

Perfect in-cup experience
The MilkBase Connected has sufficient capacity for 10 recipes, combined with 6 milk types, allowing for a total of 60 options that can be selected via the coffee machine. The MilkBase Alpina stand alone features 16 configurable milk foam recipes. This allows you to prepare a suitable foam recipe for any coffee beverage to create that perfect in-cup experience.

*With certain types of milk, such as oat milk, it is important to shake the packaging regularly during use.

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