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Our ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone is the perfect milk machine to support baristas in their daily work. Convenience, speed and always a consistent quality of milk and milk foam in one machine. The ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone saves time, gives cup to cup perfect milk froth and is also suitable for making latte art. The ideal fresh milk machine in combination with a piston machine; extremely suitable for the catering industry.


Flow through heaters

Every latte macchiato or cappuccino you prepare should have the same quality of milk froth. For this, the right temperature of the fresh milk when preparing the milk froth is essential. What is unique about our ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone is that the temperature of the milk used does not affect the final quality of the milk froth. This temperature control developed by ETNA itself gives complete control over the temperature of the milk froth. Unlike steam heating, thanks to our technology, we are able to heat the milk in a controlled manner towards the desired final temperature. Cold froth is also possible with the ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone. 

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Milkbase standalone


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Suitable for all types of milk

The ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone is suitable for any type of milk: whole milk, soy milk, goat milk or oat milk*. The machine can froth up any protein-containing type of milk into a nice, full, foam cloud rolling over the tongue. With the same foam quality every time. It is also possible to directly use a carton of milk or a pouch. The ETNA MilkBase Alpina Standalone can be connected to any milk cooler. 

* With certain non-homogenised types of milk such as oat, it is important to shake the container regularly during use.

A suitable foam recipe for every coffee

With the ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone, there is room for 16 recipes, combined with 10 milk types, this makes for a total of 160 options that are callable with the coffee machine. You can create a suitable foam recipe for every coffee drink for the perfect in-cup experience. 

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An ETNA coffee machine or milk system is always a responsible choice. Even after purchase: our coffee machines and milk systems are highly reliable, have a long service life and vital parts are easy to repair or replace. This ensures low maintenance and service costs as well as a delicious rich milk foam!

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