Various coffee technologies

Coffee is enjoyed by millions of people every day. And we enjoy making it possible! We offer a choice of various preparation techniques such as espresso or instant. The perfect coffee machine for your organisation is available from ETNA.

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Espresso coffee
Superior coffee made from fresh beans. The coffee machine grinds the coffee beans for each individual cup and then presses water through at high pressure. Real espresso has a layer of light brown crema.
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Instant coffee
Instant coffee, also called coffee powder, is an ideal way to make coffee that is quick and tastes great. And best of all, without creating any waste.
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Fresh Brew
Filter coffee
For large cups or pots, filter coffee is the best choice by far. A special process is used to roast and grind the coffee to enable maximum extraction of flavour and aroma in a short time.
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Liquid coffee concentrate
The concentrate option is often used in situations where large amounts of hot beverages are served. The machines use vacuum-packed liquid concentrates such as coffee or chocolate, which can be stored at room temperature.
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