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Options and accessories

Our coffee machines have optional extras and accessories such as a water filter, base cabinet, or (cashless) payment systems. Below is a concise overview of the various possibilities.

Discover the options


Water makes up 98.5% of coffee, which means that water quality is of great importance. Your coffee and the coffee machine will be affected if the water does not meet requirements due to regional differences. We recommend you always use a BRITA water filter. Very hard, calcareous water can give a bitter or even sour taste to coffee, for example. And the chalkier the water, the faster the machine will collect limescale. This could result in high costs, as the machine wears faster and uses more energy unnecessarily.
The ideal water for coffee is fresh and tastes pure, without any discernible odour. It should be rich in minerals, but also balanced. Only then can the coffee develop its full aroma, and tea its perfect colour.

Complete your coffee machine

As described above, water is of great importance to the quality of the coffee. Apart from a water filter, our coffee machines can also be fitted with a (cashless) payment system.
We have matching base units for placing the coffee machine if you are lacking space. These can also be supplied with a cold water unit, so that you can serve cold water as well as hot beverages.
Cup warmers for pre-heating your cups, and cleaning products for the coffee machines are standard items in our assortment. 

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Your branding on our machine

Our machines are only designed and developed in our own design department. The result is a look that befits real coffee. Drinking coffee is a sensation of flavour and scent, but also a visual sensation. This means that it is not just your cup of coffee that should look appealing, the coffee machine should fit the part, too. But, if you want to make your coffee the way you like it, then why shouldn’t you style your coffee machine the way you like it too? It’s possible! Apart from our basic product line, there is the option of a machine with its own look/identity. There are various branding options available, including your corporate colours, your logo or your photo in the frame. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities.