Mundo Espresso Medium

A good cup of coffee does a person good. ETNA grants everyone this benefit. The ETNA Mundo line is our economy line: machines at a more competitive projs. We can do this because we have saved on features, options and appearance. After all, skimping on technology and quality is not an option in our business.

Are more luxurious features like a touchscreen, cup sensors and double coffee dispensing not important to you, but the price and reliability of the machine all the more? Then the ETNA Mundo line offers the answer.


  • Brewing speed - 8 seconds
  • Simple button operation
  • Fully automatic cleaning programme

The ETNA Mundo line is available in 2 brewing systems: espresso with fresh beans and instant coffee. The ETNA Mundo Espresso comes in the Medium version and the ETNA Mundo Instant is available in the Small version.

Header Opties & accessoires

Options and accessories

Our coffee machines can be equipped with options and accessories such as a cup warmer, base cabinet or (cashless) payment systems. Here you will find an abridged overview of the various options. 

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