No company is the same. Therefore, ETNA coffee machines are available with different brewing systems, capacities and with interesting options. To fully meet your needs, we offer several additional accessories.

On this page we give an impression of our accessories, but this is by no means all of them. Do you have a different need or a special request? Please feel free to contact us.

Cupwarmer Sagitta medium

Cup warmer

For preservation of temperature and flavour. Good coffee comes from good ingredients, the right brewing technique and the perfect temperature. A lot of heat and flavour is lost
when coffee is brewed in cold coffee cups. Extend the ultimate taste experience for your employees or guests by serving it in a preheated cup.

Our cup warmer is:

  • made of stainless steel
  • available in ETNA Dorado Compact and Medium. And is also available in the ETNA Sagitta variant
  • the Medium variant has the two compartments that can be turned on and off


  • Chilled water – module installed in base cabinet. For delicious chilled and filtered water (optional). Highly recommended to promote healthy drinking habits
  • Transfer set for coffee waste – increases capacity with larger waste bin
  • Media player – for displaying videos and images. At the coffee machine, people take a moment to really pay attention to your message
  • ETNA MilkBase Connected – This fresh milk unit has a unique heating and frothing system that always delivers perfect foam. Suitable for all milk types and protein milk substitutes
  • Americano valve - additional valve to add water for large volume drinks (not compatible with ETNA MilkBase)
  • Various payment systems - inquire about the options.

Base cabinets

A base cabinet is extremely functional due to its perfect size and storage space. They provide space for ingredients, sugar, milk and stirrers. Our Full Spec base cabinet also provides space for coffee cups. Did you
choose a machine with cold water feature? Then we can install the water cooler in the base cabinet.

  • suitable for the ETNA Sagitta, ETNA Dorado and ETNA Mundo line
ETNA_Base Cabinet
Console Dorado Medium black.png


You can use the consoles to increase the dispenser height of the machine by 10 centimetres. Useful if you need extra height to use the coffee pot feature.

  • suitable for the ETNA Instant Small and Medium machines.
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