Have you ever wondered what features the different technologies used in coffee machines have? What makes a cup of coffee unique? To satisfy different preferences and tastes, we have developed advanced technologies used in brewing systems for espresso, fresh brew and instant coffee. This article focuses on the 3 main technologies in ETNA coffee machines and discusses the pros and cons of each method.

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Espresso Technology: Fresh bean coffee

The espresso technology used in ETNA machines is designed to create a rich, crema-coated espresso by first grinding coffee beans and then pressing water through them under high pressure. For anyone who appreciates the authentic espresso experience, this approach is perfect.

The advantage of this technology is that you get a perfect barista experience at the touch of a button. The video showing the operation of our Braumann brewer gives an impression of our unique espresso technology, and you can see how it works. 

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Instant: Instant coffee

Instant coffee, also known as instant coffee, is powdered coffee. It is a convenience product that saves time as only hot water needs to be poured onto the instant coffee. Instant coffee is created by drying a large quantity of strongly brewed coffee immediately after preparation. This results in coffee grains that become coffee again on contact with hot water.

Our instant machines provide a quick and tasty coffee experience, preparing a delicious coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate in about 8 seconds or jugs of coffee: a litre of coffee in 1 minute. This technology is perfect for those who value speed and simplicity. Your cup of coffee is ready quickly, making it a good choice for use in places with high volumes and peak loads. Moreover, an instant machine is very easy to clean. 

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Freshbrew coffee, also known as filter coffee, is a classic and widely used method of brewing coffee. Making filter coffee starts with ground coffee. This ground coffee is placed in a filter. Hot water is slowly poured over the ground coffee. This process is called "brewing". The water absorbs the flavour and aromas of the coffee as it flows through the ground coffee. The resulting coffee extract is collected in a cup or coffee pot. This is the coffee you end up drinking.

Filter coffee is known for its mild and balanced flavour. It often has a bright and clean taste, without the oily texture you find with espresso, for example.

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At ETNA Coffee Technologies, we offer a range of innovative brewing systems to suit different needs and preferences. While each method has advantages and disadvantages, our commitment to reliability and stability ensures that our machines are designed to deliver high-quality coffee. Whether you prefer taste, convenience or efficiency, ETNA has a brewing system to suit your needs.

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