The ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone will turn your coffee into a frothy cappuccino or a silky smooth latte in no time. Keeping your MilkBase machine in the best condition is essential for ensuring the quality of your drinks. This guide explains the process of daily and automatic maintenance, including cleaning and descaling. This way, you get the most out of your MilkBase.

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Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of your ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone consists of several steps. This daily routine will keep your machine working optimally and prolong its life.

  1. Press OK or use code 1111# to start cleaning OR start the cleaning or descaling process. Follow the instructions on the display.
  2. Thoroughly clean the milk suction hose. You can do this with a slightly damp cloth. Note: Always make sure the cloth is only slightly damp and not wet. Excess moisture can damage the hose.
  3. Place a jug under the spout. *Not applicable for drip tray with a fixed outlet.
  4. Place an empty container (min. 1L) under the spout. Press OK to begin flushing.
  5. Squeeze the bottle until there is 100 ml of milk cleaner (blue) or descaler (green) in the top of the bottle. Fill the container with 100 ml of the liquid.
  6. Press 'OK' to start the cleaning or descaling process. Cleaning has begun.
  7. The MilkBase automatically switches to standby after 30 seconds.
  8. After the cleaning or descaling process is complete, empty and clean the container. Also clean the milk suction hose with a slightly damp cloth.
  9. Wipe the spout with a damp cloth (the spout may be hot!)
  10. Unscrew the spout.
  11. Clean all parts with clean water. Mount the spout.
  12. Put some ETNA grease on the sealing rings (seals).
  13. Mount the spout firmly.

Also watch the instructional video on Youtube which shows the daily maintenance step by step.

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Automatic maintenance

In addition to daily maintenance, your ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone also performs automatic maintenance tasks. These include an automatic outlet rinse and an automatic system rinse.

Automatic outlet rinse
9 minutes after the last prepared milk recipe, an outlet rinse is performed. This helps keep the spout clean and functioning properly.

Automatic system rinse
A system rinse is performed 60 minutes after the last milk recipe. This helps keep the entire system clean and running smoothly.


Regular maintenance of your ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone machine is essential for a long life span and efficiency. By following the steps in the manual, you can keep your machine in top condition. 

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