ETNA coffee machines are designed with minimum environmental impact in mind, from the selection of raw materials to assembly. For this, understanding the sustainability and life cycle of a coffee machine is essential. Our products’ material passports provide valuable insights into their environmental impact and sustainability. In this interview with Ben Welleweerd, ETNA’s product manager, we dive into ETNA's efforts to create more sustainable and recyclable products.

Interview with Ben
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Great tips for maintaining your ETNA espresso machine

To enjoy quality coffee every day and extend the life of your machine, proper maintenance is essential. These handy tips will help you keep your ETNA espresso machine in perfect condition

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Innovative brewing mechanism

Have you ever wondered what features the various technologies used in coffee machines have? What makes a cup of coffee unique? To meet a variety of preferences and tasted, we have developed advanced technologies that are used in brewing systems for espresso, fresh brew and instant coffee. This article focuses on the 3 main technologies in ETNA coffee machines and discusses the pros and cons of each method. 

Cleaning the ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone an extensive guide

The ETNA Alpina MilkBase Standalone will turn your coffee into a frothy cappuccino or a silky smooth latte in no time. Keeping your MilkBase machine in the best condition is essential for ensuring the quality of your drinks. This guide explains the process of daily and automatic maintenance, including cleaning and descaling. This way, you get the most out of your MilkBase.

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ETNA's Sustainability Manager explains CO2 reduction policy

One of the principles of ETNA's sustainability policy is to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. Measuring a carbon footprint every two years provides insight into ETNA's climate impact and helps determine possible reduction targets and offsetting measures. A central role in this is played by our Sustainability manager, Bennie Zeegers, who has an ambassadorial role within ETNA and directs and implements the CO₂ reduction policy.

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