ETNA Coffee Technologies develops and manufactures professional coffee machines and sells these to dealers. Our dealers supply the ingredients and provide the service. From freshly ground beans to instant products, our coffee machines can make a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate. That is our passion and we want everyone to taste it!  

ETNA is located in Doetinchem. This is where we develop and produce our full range of coffee machines. The 100% Dutch craftsmanship guarantees the quality of our machines. ETNA products are known for their high quality, long life and low service costs. As a result of our passion, we are always looking for the best technologies, components and materials to brew the perfect cup of coffee.
Through our dealers, our coffee machines find their way into the hands of end users in e.g. offices, industrial environments and the hospitality sector. Over the past twenty-five years, we have developed a product portfolio of coffee machines that utilise three brewing technologies. With our expertise, no client of ours will have to go a single day without coffee. 

Our growth in recent years has enabled us to open new locations in Germany, Denmark and Poland. Additionally, our dealers are found in various locations across Europe. Although we mainly operate on the European market at the moment, our ambition is to expand our activities beyond Europe as well.

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