We manage the best coffee technique with our own reliable espresso brew system: the Braumann brewer. Developed specifically for ETNA by the Swiss developer Jorg Braumann. Globally unique.

The heart of our espresso machines

The Braumann brewer is the heart of each medium and large espresso machine. It’s here that the freshly ground coffee converges with the hot water in perfectly balanced proportions, with the right pressure and temperature. This unparalleled, sound brewer is positioned in a robust metal housing unit capable of bearing the pressure of the brewing process.

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The brewing unit and grinder are the heart of every whole bean espresso machine and are determinative for the reliability of the machine and the incup quality of the coffee. With an 8-year manufacturer's warranty on the Braumann brewer and the Braumann grinder, the technical risk on these crucial components is minimized. 

Your benefits of an 8-year warranty on the Braumann brewer and Braumann grinder:
•    Long lifespan guaranteed
•    Low service costs
•    A sustainable solution

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The Braumann brewer

As perfect and reliable as Swiss clockwork
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ETNA’s technicians have the knowledge and experience and select the best components and materials. Combined with our drive for innovation and perfection, our craftsmanship results in reliable coffee machines that brew the perfect cup of coffee time and time again. Our sustainable coffee machines have a long life span. That is good for our world and cost effective. Because ETNA believes in premium quality for an affordable price. At purchase and during use. 

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Re-use philosophy

in practice

Since early 2021, ETNA has been producing brewing groups for the Espresso Medium and Large machines. This is completed by employees trained and certified at our partner Braumann in Switzerland. Production is now also taking place at ETNA. We are ready to take the next step in the Triple R philosophy as part of extending the life of our products: Reduce - Repair - Reuse. Within the Re-use philosophy, we also offer the possibility to refurbish brewing groups.

What does refurbishing involve?

When refurbishing a brewing group, the parts that are recommended to be replaced during a maintenance service after 100,000 - 120,000 brews are replaced. These are the parts that are subject to wear and tear or that can be replaced for aesthetic reasons.

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