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True expertise is not only visible in the end product, but also in the way this end product is achieved. It is visible in the materials and the tools or equipment used. Coffee deserves craftsmanship. After all, coffee is one of the most wonderful raw materials on this earth. Therefore we only use the best materials and components for our machines.

Social Responsibility and ETNA

Corporate Social Responsibility

In the development and manufacture of our coffee machines, we strive to make sure they are produced and (subsequently) operate as environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, by using LED lights in the machines, but also by adding an energy-saving standby mode to the coffee machines. Our dealership portal contains a PDF file on the recyclability of our materials and the number of materials that can be recycled.

As an organisation, we are a member of Wecycle. This is an organisation that is committed to collecting as many disused electrical appliances and energy-efficient lighting (e-waste) as possible, and guaranteeing optimum recycling. This means that harmful substances do not end up in the environment and less primary raw materials are required from nature.