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ETNA is a highly dynamic organisation. We are in constant development. To let you share in this experience, we would like to welcome you to follow us on various social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. The overview below lists the most important events of the previous months.

Peter Jager - ETNA Coffee Technologies

New commercial director for ETNA

As per June 1st 2018, Peter Jager has strengthen our team as Commercial Director and participating member/shareholder. Peter Jager, 45 years, has more than 15 years of experience in the coffee and vending machines business, and the past 7 years he has worked as Channel Development Manager at Nestlé Professional EUROPE. We are confident that his international experience will be a great asset for our team. Peter was also born and bred close to our factory, so he will fit in perfectly in the no-nonsense mentality at ETNA.

Over the past years, ETNA has seen a stable growth and has made huge steps forward. We believe that we can spread our wings even further, especially on an international level now Peter Jager joined our team.

afbeelding News ETNA website

Great coffee, just one touch away!

ETNA introduces a 7-inch smart touchscreen for its medium espresso machines. The familiar quality of the espresso medium is combined with the practical elegance of a smart touchscreen. 

The inituitive 7-inch touch screen makes selecting your ideal drink effortless. One cup, or two at the same time, or even a whole jug, is just one screen touch away. If your preferred beverage is not on the screen, simply swipe to the next screen for more options. 

Let's meet:
Video ETNA Smart Touch
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Coffee Professionals Cup website

Coffee Professionals Cup

The 5th edition of the Coffee Professionals Cup was held 28th of September in Stockholm, arranged by Nestlé Professional Sweden. The contest determines who prepares the best office coffee with a coffee machine. Martin Bäcklund and Kalle Melander were crowned the winner with the ETNA Dorado espresso machine. The five competitors had to prepare a cup of black coffee, a latte, an espresso and a coffee drink with their own coffee machine. The whole competition requires great accuracy, knowledge and experience. The team consisting of Martin Bäcklund and Kalle Melander from PacsOn won the title "The Best Coffee in the North at Work". 

Congratulations to PacsOn for winning this Cup!
Link to a video of the contest: (from 1:12 min)

Beursstand 2017

Introduction Instant Compact at Eu'Vend

From April 27th to April 29th we launched our Instant Compact at the Eu'Vend coffeena in Cologne.

The instant compact is a small but versatile coffee machine that produces 10 coffee variations based on coffee, topping, chocolate and sugar, for example, with one touch of the button. With a size of 52.4 (h) x 32 (w) x 51.5 (d) cm, this coffee machine always fits under the kitchen cabinet. This machine can also be supplied with a 3 liter water tank.

Video ETNA stand: ETNA at Eu'Vend coffeena