About ETNA

ETNA is located in Doetinchem. This is where we develop and manufacture all our machines. This means that the quality is guaranteed to be 100% Dutch quality and expert workmanship. Our passion means that we are continuously looking for the best technology, techniques, materials and machines for that perfect cup of coffee. Our experience in coffee technology is used to get the very best out of the ingredients supplied by our dealers.

Taste Through Technology

ETNA Coffee Technologies develops and manufactures coffee machines that are sold to dealerships across the globe. Our dealerships stock the ingredients and look after service. Whether it’s fresh beans or instant products, our coffee machines use them to make a wonderful cup of coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate. That is our passion, for you to taste!

Eindcontrole Gerard

Manufactured in the Netherlands

The coffee machines make their way, via suppliers, to the end users in offices, factories, catering establishments and the like. Over the last 25 years, we have built up a product portfolio of coffee machines that use four different preparation techniques. For espresso technology we have teamed up with a Swiss partner, Braumann.


Our dealerships can count on our sales support department if they have any technical questions. Our colleagues will answer any queries and also provide technical training. This way, our dealerships can benefit from our expertise, and we can guarantee our service and quality.


About ETNA