World Champion Barista

Where we have the wine waiter for the wine, there’s the barista for coffee: A product expert and taste specialist all in one! With Alejandro Mendez as the best!

In 2011 it was Alejandro Mendez, who grew up between the coffee farmers, who became the youngest winner ever of the World Barista Championships that were held in a country that produces coffee itself.
We are very proud to have worked with Alejandro at our premises and made a short promotional video with him. Like other professional barista’s we also make it custom to test our coffee beans thoroughly and make sure the machine is set to get the best drink from the customers ingredients.

Alejandro visited our premises to officially launch our new Nova espresso machine. Together with our specialists Alejandro focused on the settings of the machine in order to optimize the quality and taste of the coffee. Through his broad knowledge and rich experience we can offer you ‘world class’ performance of the NOVA espresso.

The NOVA Espresso from ETNA certified by Alejandro Mendez! Take a look at Alejandro demonstrating our new NOVA espresso machine .

Superior Technology

The latest generation of hot beverage systems of ETNA shows you the craftmanship of the Barista towards superior technology.This results in a excellent espresso according to the best Italian traditions.