Espresso brewer

ETNA’s Coffee machines are equiped with the highest quality components. The Swiss brewer in our espresso machine for example has proven its quality. While processing your coffee fresh beans go through the Mahlkonig coffee grinder. Then the ground coffee falls into the brewer and will be compressed. During the next phase water under pressure is flowing into the brew chamber where the flavour is extracted. Then a fresh cup of espresso is ready to be served. The espresso brewer is the heart of the machine and combined with the high quality ingredients it creates a delicious fresh cup of espresso with a superior crema.

Coffee grinder: Steel grinder blades for a long life time and a consisting grind.

Multifunctional: Widest range of drinks. Besides fresh espresso, the possibillity for specialty drinks like cappuccino, mocha, latte and hot chocolate.

Stainless steel espresso brewer: Pre-heated for optimal in cup termperature. Proven Swiss quality.

Water Pump: Rotary vane pump for consistent water pressure to ensure an optimal coffee extraction and fantastic crema.