Latte Macchiato

ETNA’s coffee machines let you enjoy the nice combination from fresh coffee with hot milk in the shape of a real Latte macchiato. First milk is poured into a cup, preferably with a bit of milk foam. Then the coffee is added. The solid foam layer should stay on top of drink.

True macchiato should be served in a large clear glass so all different layers will be shown nicely: first the milk at the bottom, followed by the coffee and the milk foam on top.

Not only a pleasure for the taste buds but also for the eye.. Superioir coffee from a superior machine. Latte stands for milk, macchiato for spotted because you can see the coffee as a spot in the milk. 
With a latte macchiato there is always more milk than coffee. With a caffe macchiato it is the other way around.

A famous Dutch airplane constructor, Anthonie Fokker took care of the fact that his name was connected to a coffee in Germany: a large cup with an ‘inch’ of coffee, supplemented with a lot of hot milk. This beverage was named ''Kaffee Fokker', a variant type of the Latte cafe. With this drink the coffee is poured first and then the milk is added.

Superior Technolgy

The latest generation of hot beverage systems of ETNA shows you the craftmanship of the Barista towards superior technology. This results in a excellent espresso according to the best Italian traditions.