Hot Chocolate

Your staff or guests will have their own preferences when chosing a hot beverage.

With an ETNA coffee machine you find everything you need. Various machines are easily capable of pouring a tasteful hot chocolate (or creamy choc). Not only when it’s cold hot chocolate offers you some warmth. Also in summer a lot of people choose to vary their drink with a hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is a product existing of a tiny bit of cacao, sugar and milk. ETNA’s hot beverage machines deliver a high quality hot cup of chocolate.

ETNA’s proven technology makes sure that the hot chocolate has the right temperature and a delightful taste. A drink that you can proudly offer instead of a nice cup of coffee or tea!

Superior Technolgy

The latest generation of hot beverage systems of ETNA shows you the craftmanship of the Barista towards superior technology. This results in a excellent espresso according to the best Italian traditions.