Fresh Tea leaves

Tea is a product as natural as coffee and deserves therefore as much attention. The passion we share to make fresh coffee of the best ingredients we also have with making a fine cup of fresh leave tea, using the best fresh tea leaves.

We always pay close attention to ensure a high quality product. Tea is being made from fresh leaves from the Camellia sinensis, a plant which has been exported out of China to many countries with a tropical climate.

Which (green, white, black) tea precisely is made depends often on the way it is prepared. Like with making wine, it also depends on the kind of process. Tannine, for example, which you’ll find in the tea, has a bitter taste and we prefer to avoid this taste. An alternative (English) solution to avoid the bitterness is to use a bit of milk in the tea. After picking the tea it will wither, roll, oxidize, heat up, be dried and sorted. Finally various melanges will be composed that result into different flavours. Making tea has to be done with steaming hot water otherwise the tea will become too bitter.

This is very easy to do with our innovative technologies. By letting the tea leaves getting directly into contact with hot water a perfect taste of fresh made tea exists. A pure enjoyment to drink. You can make tea with hot water from an ETNA coffee machine and use seperate tea bags. Some of our machines go a step further, they make fresh tea from fresh tea leaves. This tea has a high quality standard because when the leaves are picked they always pick the better part of the leaves. ETNA shares the passion for tea and coffee technologies.

Superior Technolgy

The latest generation of hot beverage systems of ETNA shows you the craftmanship of the Barista towards superior technology. This results in a excellent espresso according to the best Italian traditions.