Tasteful pleasure from a large selection of coffee flavour combined with milk foam in 1 cup. If you ask us, we drink it all day! The Italians, however, believe after 11 o’clock in the morning you should continue with espresso ..

The name ‘cappuccino’ (remember: double p, double c and single n) originates from Austria. Even though the Austrians name it Cappuccino Melange. In Vienna different types of coffee were consumed. In combination with the quantity of milk, the taste and colour were also different. The colour was derived from the clothing from the Moncs at that time. ‘Kapuziner’ had darker clothing then the Franziskaner people. From the name Kapuziner, the word cappuccino existed. Franziskaner coffee has a lighter colour, yet the coffee has about the same composition: 3 equal parts espresso, milk foam and heated milk.

A real barista can make beautiful creations with the milk foam itself. Not from the cacao powder or the cinnamon, these ingredients make the milk foam dissolve in seconds. If a standard cup of cappuccino has 150 ml capacity, 50 ml is used for coffee and 100 ml for milk. With ETNA machines, the milk variation that will be used depends on the technology. Also the hygiene and maintenance play an important role. Anyhow, a cappuccino prepared from an ETNA coffee machine always makes you want another one! Even after 11 o’clock..

Superior Technolgy

The latest generation of hot beverage systems of ETNA shows you the craftmanship of the Barista towards superior technology. This results in a excellent espresso according to the best Italian traditions.