ETNA develops and produces a wide range of coffee machines

The best coffee from the best machines

ETNA has been a well-known leading brand of household appliances in the Netherlands for over 160 years. Stoves and ovens were originally manufactured in an iron foundry in Breda. This town in the south of the Netherlands is where ETNA was founded. ETNA is currently based in Doetinchem, in the east of the country. Here, ETNA develops and produces a wide range of coffee machines. 

Since 1992 ETNA Coffee Technologies has specialised in the development, production and sale of professional hot beverage systems. These machines find their way to end users in offices and the industry and hospitality sectors, through our carefully selected business partners. Over the past 20 years ETNA has built up a substantial portfolio of machines using every imaginable brewing technology. Worldwide, there are more than 300,000 ETNA machines in use… day in, day out!

ETNA Coffee Technologies makes the best machines for every situation, for both the suppliers of superior ingredients and for ETNA’s own customers. ETNA enhances its range with a wide selection of options. In addition, the appliances are fully customised to meet the user’s requirements.

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